The Seventh Annual IGF Meeting was held in Baku, Azerbaijan from 6-9 November 2012. The main theme for the meeting was: ‘Internet Governance for Sustainable Human, Economic and Social Development’.

The chairman summary is available.

The Declaration of the Baku High Level Ministerial Meeting on «Addressing the Challenges of a Hyperconnected World» is available.

The list of speakers at the Seventh annual IGF meeting closing ceremony is available.

The list of speakers at the Seventh annual IGF meeting opening session is available.

The list of participants of the meeting is available.

 The Webcast Archive for IGF2012 is available. The videos are  uploaded on the IGF YouTube Channel.


Main Session Transcripts
Day 1 Opening Ceremony and Opening Session Emerging Issues Main Session
Day 2 Managing Critical Internet Resources Internet Governance for Development
Day 3 Access and Diversity Security, Openness and Privacy
Day 4 Taking Stock and the Way Forward Main Session Closing Ceremony

The transcripts for the workshops and other sessions can be found at Transcripts.

Workshop Reports and Gender Report cards:

In order to submit the workshop reports and gender report cards, please log in on the IGF website and go to your workshop page and click on «Edit». You can find the Report and Gender Report cards fields on that page.


The schedule for the 7th IGF annual meeting is available [updated 09/11/2012]

pdf file of panellists’ biographies is available for download.

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